"Flow" is one of the themes for my third photo exhibition that was held in Tokyo, Japan in April, 2016. I captured water surface of various places at various times.

Plate 01 薄桜(うすざくら)
Plate 02 象牙色(ぞうげいろ)
Plate 03 勿忘草色(わすれなぐさいろ)
Plate 04 濃藍(こいあい)
Plate 05 藤(ふじ)
Plate 06 秘色(ひそく)
Plate 07 白菫(しろすみれ)
Plate 08 瑠璃紺(るりこん)
Plate 09 琥珀(こはく)
Plate 10 白藤(しらふじ)
Plate 11 薄群青(うすぐんじょう)
Plate 12 伽羅(きゃら)
Plate 13 薄花(うすはな)
Plate 14 灰桜(はいざくら)
Plate 15 萱草(かんぞう)
Plate 16 生成り色(きなりいろ)
Plate 17 紺青(こんじょう)
Plate 18 赤紅(あかべに)
Plate 19 白練(しろねり)
Plate 20 赤白橡(あかしろつるばみ)
Plate 21 青藍(せいらん)
Plate 22 赤朽葉色(あかくちばいろ)
Plate 23 空色(そらいろ)
Plate 24 漆黒(しっこく)
Photo Data
Cameras: Nikon D800, D810
Lenses: AF-S NIKKOR 24-70E ED VR, AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR
Filters: NiSi AR ND64, ND1000
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