I was born in Tokyo, Japan. As soon as I put my hands on my farther’s Pentax SLR camera, I was fascinated by it. After I taught at public schools as an English teacher for nine years, I started to work as an editor at a publishing company in Tokyo. I work at the office during the daytime, and walk, drive, or sometimes cycle around Tokyo and take photos of the cityscapes in the evening and on weekends. A guest photographer writer at Fuel Your Photography in 2012. Staff Pro Member of f-Stop Gear. An Ambassador of PHOTOMENTARY by Nikon (2014, 2015).

Tokyo has so many faces. Most familiar ones are in every guidebook. What I want to find and capture are its hidden faces, which no one else has ever seen.

Solo Exhibitions:
Tokyo Mirai Toshi (2014) at Island Gallery, Tokyo
Bright Lights (2015) at Island Gallery, Tokyo
Time Flows (2016) at Island Gallery, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions:
Three Men Emerges at Island Gallery, Tokyo (2013)
25 Tokyo Night Stories at Island Gallery, Tokyo (2014)
Tokyo 25-ku at Island Gallery, Tokyo(2015)
JPCO Gallery Spring 2015 at Subway Gallery M, Yokohama (2015) 
JPCO Gallery in Kyoto at Yamamoto Gallery, Kyoto (2015)
PHOTOGRAPHY NOW at The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK (2015)
PHOTOMENTARY 2015 at EIZO Galleria Ginza (2015)
2016 ISLAND GALLERY Ten Colors at Island Gallery, Tokyo (2016)
JPCO Gallery 2016 at Art Square, Hilton Tokyo, Tokyo (2016)


東京生まれ。父親のペンタックス製一眼レフカメラを譲り受け、すぐに写真に魅了される。英語教師として公立高校に9年勤めた後、出版社の編集者として仕事を始める。現在は編集の仕事をしながら、独自の視点を探しながら東京を写真に収めている。これまで、写真サイト「Fuel Your Photography」のライター、カメラバッグメーカーf-stopのStaff Proメンバー、PHOTOMENTARY by Nikonのアンバサダーを務めるなどしてきた。

東京未来都市(Island Gallery、東京、2014)
Bright Lights ―街灯り、星明かり―(Island Gallery、東京、2015)
Time Flows (Island Gallery、東京、2016)

Google+ 三人写真展(Island Gallery、東京、2013)
東京二十五夜物語(Island Gallery、東京、2014)
東京25区(Island Gallery、東京、2015)
JPCO Gallery Spring 2015(サブウェイギャラリーM、横浜、2015)
JPCO Gallery in Kyoto / 蒼の世界、世界の蒼(ヤマモトギャラリー、京都、2015)
PHOTOGRAPHY NOW(The Brick Lane Gallery、ロンドン、2015)
PHOTOMENTARY 写真展(EIZOガレリア銀座、2015)
2016 Island Gallery Ten Colors(Island Gallery、東京、2016)
JPCO Gallery 2016(アートスクエア、ヒルトン東京、東京、2016)

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